Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We are who we say we are...

"Cervantes: Every Man is the Son of His Own Works", Sumi and Acrylic Inks on Paper mounted on Canvas, 22"x30


Years ago we talked about what would make us happy in life and we seemed to agree that we both just wanted what our fathers had. I believe that we have equally outgrown that fantasy; but where does that leave us now?

Where did we come from… philosophically? We’ve discussed before that our parents had little influence over our career choices, as well as our adult lives. You still speak of returning home, like a lost child of the Diaspora. I miss the southern cuisine, the slower lifestyle and the “sense” of home. Yet, I doubt I can return. I am forever in love with the American west and any long-term homes will be established here.

I started thinking about this, after you mentioned retiring near where we grew-up in southern Missouri. We are a rare breed because neither of our fathers had much impact (if any) on our career choices. Fine Art was never a source of inspiration at my home and the only museums I visited were on school field trips. I dare say physics was not dinner table conversation at your home, either.

So here we are - you and I, a physicist that wants to work in a book store and an artist that wishes he didn’t need to paint. - DN

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