Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Conservator Doings...

More info on the recent cleaning and research done to the Mona Lisa.

From "Mona Lisa: Inside the Painting," by Jean-Pierre Mohen, Michel Menu and Bruno Mottin

An Infared photograph suggests that Leonardo originally painted the Mona Lisa with a gauzy overdress for nursing (visible, at right), and a tiny bonnet (vague outline visible about the sitter's head).

Much was revealed in a new scan of Leonardo's Mona Lisa. "More generally, the researchers said they realized that centuries of grime had obscured some elements of the painting. 'You’re seeing a lot more fine detail, showing that this remarkable painting is actually more remarkable than we believed'."
The New York Times 09/28/06
Click here for the link to read the whole story. - DN

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