Thursday, September 21, 2006

For Vin...

"Swan Range, November", Gouache and Watercolor on Paper, 8"x24"

The above painting is of the Swan Range of western Montana as it overlooks the now commercialized Flathead Lake region during the onset of another brutal winter. The valley below was once a beautiful refuge for the likes of Norman Maclean (A River Runs Through It) as well as other less notable Montana natives along the banks of Seeley and Swan Lakes. Now the landscape is flooded with the onslaught of celebrity wealth and the sprawl it too often advances. As in this painting - I often choose to paint the peaks, the site that one has to work a little harder to get to; a place that’s less likely to be bought and abused by advancing construction. These spaces of emptiness above the chaos are what I search out in my travels and work. – DN

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Nicholas Wineman said...

This painting is one of my favorites because I see those mountains at least once every year. they are indeed beautiful. my grandparents live at seeley lake and it is possibly the most gorgeous place I'll ever see.