Monday, December 19, 2011


Déjà vu accurately describes my life. Missouri, Montana, New Mexico. Missouri, Montana, New Mexico. It is the circle of life I relive every couple years – until now. There is a new plan. However, don’t get too excited for the new plan is the same as the old ones.

“I’m done moving I tell people, the kids are bigger and have school friends.” Of course, everyone knows it to be a lie; but they are polite enough to pat me on the back and feign belief while I am in the room. It helps me and certainly helps my family to have a hopeful outlook free of the burden of packing boxes and broken friendships.

Winter and snow have made the desire to transition easier to contain. The hard season of midwinter is what draws me to the north. I’m not sure if it has more to do with my surname or simply my desire for that feeling winter brings to wiping the slate clean. This week, New Mexico is trying its damnedest to keep me here and despite the inconvenience, I am grateful for the perfect white. There are already two inches of snow across the foothills of Sandia and the forecast through tonight is expecting another half-dozen.

Without even a mention of fire, the studio is still warm as I prepare to slip a few more layers of paint upon canvas before my children are released for winter break. The flawless white is freshly falling and for the moment I am home.