Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rewards for Doing What Comes Natural

Prize Portents "In the fields of literature, movies and music, prize scandals prompt people to pay attention to awards, if only to see what gauche lapse in taste happens next. And debates about the credibility of a prize, by their very existence, benefit the concept of art and artistic value by implying that they exist in a realm separate from politics and compromise. Clearly, questions about prizes' credibility haven't hampered their proliferation: ours is a culture beset by and obsessed with prizes, even if we disagree about their meaning. So what do they mean?" Toronto Star 02/07/06

I hit on this very subject in a previous post. Are we working towards the reward - what is the reward? Money. Recognition. Another notch in the old belt.

Is the reward worth the meaning? Does meaning need a reward? - DN

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