Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More questions on the true nature of Duchamp

Duchamp - Fountain Of Grace
The fuss over a bad performance artist who damaged Marcel Duchamp's iconic "Fountain" last month may have for some obscured Duchamp's importance. "Duchamp is invariably referred to as an "anti-artist" and an "iconoclast." This is entirely false. Duchamp was a great art adviser to collectors. He wasn't against art at all; he was against the hypocritical aura surrounding it."
Village Voice 02/28/06

I love that 'the hypocritical aura surrounding art'. The hypocracy of collectors and galleries that buy art purely for resale investment - where is the love for the work; the infatuation with the manner in which it affects one's soul. I have one collector in particular that started buying my work for those reasons - but after living with it for a while, she has found herself passsing on opportunities to resell at a profit. Instead she would rather buy more. Speaking from personal experience, I would say artists are not the best judge of fiscal value when it comes to artwork. I am even notorious for not insuring my own work in transit (unless requested by the collector or museum); because who gets paid to make another (replacement) if the painting is damaged - me! Money I wasted on insurance is money that could be spent on paint or slides.

I definately don't create artwork for the windfall profit margins... I create for the passion of the process. I expect my collectors to purchase for that same passion. - DN

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