Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back to the question of style or signature

My own work has evolved from simply a cohesive series of landscape images displaying movement to paintings that reference a deeper presence through the use symbolism; to the now current stage that adds movement, symbols and the presentation via hand-made scrolls.

Which mark best artistically defines my work - the style or signature? Is it the combination of the above mentioned three stages my work has evolved through my definative style or is simply the manner in which I present the work via the hanging scroll - my mark? I'm now to the point, with my work, that I am only painting scrolls. Part of that is due to the continued challenge of painting compositions in a vertical format, part is due to the fact that museums and galleries seem to only want the scrolls. I must admit it helps that I have literally no framing costs by painting in this format. But is the format what will define my style? Or is it simply the final signature that allows my audience to walk-up and immediately know I painted that work? - DN

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