Thursday, February 16, 2006

Earth Ship Architecture

A huge fad (movement) in northern New Mexico is "self-sustainable communities". Taos, naturally is slightly ahead of everyone else in the know. I got off on this idea (notice the earlier post about John Twelve Hawks - the author that claims to live off-the-grid) of further investigating unique living after watching a great film the other night called "Off the Map" - it's about a 1970's family living "off-the-grid" in Taos.

Now I have always been fascinated by the Self-sufficiency concepts... but the film (combined with living in a region where it is not uncommon to see homes built entirely of tires), really peaked my interest.

Click here:
Earthship Community

and here:
Earthship Homes for sale in Taos

The above sites give an interesting feel for how an architectural fad (or obsession) seems to have broken-out into a full-fledged movement. Is this how it works? An artistic concept has to break out of its mold of most basic concepts and take on full-fledged popular materialism to survive? (Don't get me wrong, a couple of these homes look pretty nice considering they are about one-third the price of typical Santa Fe/Taos property values!)- DN

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