Monday, February 13, 2006

I think I might have used the "word" art in this post...

I don’t try to hide the fact that I’m disgusted with Bush and his Holy War. I know the guy was mad Iraq tried to kill his dad and sure there are plenty of people and places I could do without. But I would still PREFER NOT to attack Iran or Syria or Hamas… no matter how much they annoy me.

But you know who I would blow the crap out of if I was running the show?


I am so sick of SPAM originating from that country. A couple times a day my mailbox gets hit with promises of unclaimed UK Lotto winnings, phony estates valued in the tens of millions up for grabs; and my personal favorite - false collectors wanting to buy everything if I’ll just help them cash a Money Order for twice the amount and forward them the extra money.

I don’t want to physically harm anyone in NIGERIA. We wouldn’t even have to send in the troops. I just want to drop one of those “Goldeneye” bombs (you know the from the first, really bad Pierce Brosnan 007 film). An electro-magnetic explosion that will knock-out all their computers and internet service providers.

So which war sounds better – mine or GW’s?


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