Thursday, December 08, 2005

Realism worth the viewer's time.

My last post included a tirade on the lack of merit in most realism painting I encountered in Montana. Now I am originally from Missouri, so I realize that low-quality art is everywhere.

To make it clear, I am not anti-realism. I just feel it should be held in high regard for what it says rather than the the 6-12 months the artist spent glazing the surface.

Click here, Tim Joyner, if you want to see the type of low-quality art I encountered on a regular basis in Montana.

Click the link for artist, Tim Eitel to see the TYPE of high-quality I envision in REALISM.



Anonymous said...

no offense but this is not realism either as stated by the man's own website. " Tim Eitel's paintings combine geometric abstraction and photo based realism. The atmosphere suggested by these works is mysterious and strangely still." said...

That's the point of my comment - what makes it "realism worth the viewer's time".

While the technical skill of many realists is in itself perfection, CMR included. I am looking for something deeper for the next movement where abstraction and realism can relate from the standard of ideas, depth, matching ironies. The work of Tim Eitel is one such example.