Monday, December 05, 2005

Performance Art overcomes Painting

Hugo Boss Finalists The Guggenheim Foundation announces six finalists for this year's Hugo Boss Prize. "This year's finalists are an international sampling of today's trendiest artists. The group is heavily tipped toward performance art; none of the finalists are painters." The New York Times 12/02/05

None of the finalists are painters.....

Does performance art have its place. Certainly. But how far does it go, can it honesty unseat painting permanently or is it a trend. What pushes art. Money. Like it or lump it. You can not buy/sell/auction performance art as easily as paintings.

Should trend dictate major art prizes? Does the "Hugo Boss Prize" really count as a "major" prize? If not, then why does the Guggenheim Foundation run the program? Who is more at fault the Guggenheim for following trends rather than aesthetics or "Hugo Boss" for buying their way into the museum world.

Who is more at fault the Guggenheim Foundation for not selecting painters or the painters for not binding their ideals to establish a cohesive concept to unseat performance art? - DN

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Olga Norris said...

The 'intellectual' wins the prize. Simon Starling won the Turner Prize because, it is said, he thinks deeply and does research. The beginnings of a new art movement?