Monday, December 12, 2005

Are Blogs Replacing the News?

One of the earliest on-line art-only news sources is gone. How much of this had to do with blogs (word-of-mouth) replacing news outlets (non-print) in the art world?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, sadly they are replacing editorial pages in the newpaper, and real news that is not subjective to the opinion of the writer. In Art, I am not sure. You seen wrapped up in trying to create a new art form. I am not sure that it is really possible. You refer to Tim Eitel as a possible mesh of abstraction and realism, I think he just is more of the same old same old of cartoons I used to see in the Atlantic Monthly. Perhaps, art has reached the same spot as you refered to in your comment on Michelangelo, "What I create here destroys all who come after me." Maybe that is true in all art? there is no new movements, except bowel movements.