Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Whitney Biennial news

Whitney Biennial Goes Dark "The 2006 Biennial will have a title for the first time, 'Day for night', which the curators believe sums up a dark mood in contemporary culture. They say that many of the works that will be included in the show reflect a sense of foreboding, dread or anxiety which emerged as a recognisable theme from the hundreds of artist studios they visited." The Art Newspaper 11/30/05

Is this "dark mood" similiar to Picasso's Blue or Red periods? An actual recognition of movement after the fact? Or simply a curatorial stunt? - DN

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Olga Norris said...

The moves in any new movement at present are being co-ordinated and driven by curators. There was even a focus in a recent a-n (artists' newsletter) magazine in the UK on artists as curators. Indeed last year's winner of the Turner Prize, Jeremy Deller, has a show/work touring at present with him as curator/artist.

Surely any new artist generated movement will grow out of a need within artists, and will probably redefine the previous rules, hence not being noticed by curators - and perhaps not noticed by those seeking conventional art movements -?