Friday, December 16, 2005

A New Kind of 21st Century Art Center

A New Kind Of 21st Century Art Center? Peter Noever, the "globe-trotting head of Vienna's MAK Center" has a plan for a new art center in an old WWII antiaircraft tower in Vienna. "The idea is to build a collection of the 21st century. And to do it on site, and step by step. It will be very slow — 15 to 20 years. You invite one artist, and then see what he has done, and then see what you do next. It is the very opposite of the kind of collection that's offered on the market, which changes as parts are bought and sold." Los Angeles Times 12/16/05

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Anonymous said...

Why would that be so fantastic and different all you’re doing is combining our past with present. It’s just and good as the Guggenheim museums and all the others. All it is, is another building to house art. Try taking a corner of a subway station and putting art there for a month. Constantly in the eyes of strangers all the art right their interfering with their daily life. They can’t help but stare at all the art hopelessly staring against their own will. Since they didn’t ask for the art to be their it would change their outlook on their day. Instead of the same old subway wall fill it with art fill it with change the one thing ordinary people fear change. See you choose to go to an art gallery but if you bring the art to the unsuspecting people right were they would have to look it forces them to see it they might like it they might not but whatever it is its good. A change. That’s what we need a change. One of my favorite artists that made a change would have to be Marcel Duchamp. By cubism surrealism and Dadaism he made art that will never seize to amaze people like Nude Descending A Staircase and Fountain.