Monday, September 27, 2010

Night Moves

What does it mean when stars flicker with a bit of hue? In a few hours, the sun will rise and I’ll deliver the last three paintings for my October opening. Two of the three works are of the desert night sky currently reflected in my eyes. The constellations appear remarkably close in the natural composition before me. This little bit of sky and dust that encompasses my entire being; when sleep is something for others.

The moon is higher, now, than when I first ventured back across the mesas. I’m a man obsessed. Obsessed and intrigued by the sight of my shadow across the whitish-grey sand, dirt and rock. Out here, amongst the great empty; shadows glow brighter in the night than the man in the day. My late evening loneliness is the greatest comfort one could ask for in a place of such unequivocal beauty. -North

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