Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dry Land

From a distance, I’ve seen wild horses; playing at the edge of the squat hills beyond my studio windows. What can the desert offer these lovely beasts? Have I underestimated their capacity to feel and recognize beauty?

In the day, I concentrate upon the earth. This place draws out the playful nature of horses, men and children. The light is different here. Unique not just in how its reflection changes through the hours; but the manner in which it forces beings to adopt its schedule. Force is too strong a word, attraction may be more accurate.

Despite the brush and thorn, there is a magnetism of place. Water is gone. Time of light makes schedules irrelevant. The low-rising trees allow sanctuary to only the humblest of life. In the longest of moments, I desire to meld myself; not with society, not with community – but with the peculiarity of dry land. - North

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