Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How I Paint

Two weeks ago, three of my paintings opened in Fort Collins as part of the University faculty show. Yesterday, my New Mexico dealer dropped-by the studio to select new works for the exhibition opening at Palette Contemporary on October 1st.

I spent the morning re-measuring painted canvases to order stretcher bars, paint and another gallon of linseed oil. I use a lot of linseed oil. My latest incarnation has found me utilizing the desert sun to bake my oil paintings. I still paint in the traditional manner of lean-to-fat, but I bake the works, outside, between the painting/glazing of layers. By still painting in innumerable layers, I avoid the hazards of future peeling/breakage of the painted surfaces. However, by over-clocking my ratio of linseed oil and then draining it, from under the shell, after a baking session; I am able to build thicker layers of paint until the surface attains an almost fibrous texture/existence. -North

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