Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Time for another art award...

The controversial “Turner Prize” for modern art has selected it’s first female recipient in it’s 22-year history. German artist, Tomma Abts was handed the $50k prize by fellow artist Yoko Ono. The artist is known for her small oil paintings and acrylics that are always presented in the same 48-centimetre by 38-centimetre (19-inch by 15-inch) format.

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So what are some of your opinions of the work? Is it worth a $50k recognition? I understand the concept of creating a painting without sketches or a preconceived notion, but is the above really that original? I really like the fourth painting. The first and third pieces look like something created in the 80's and second reminds me of early abstract expressionism before it haad fully castoff cubism. Then again, maybe that's what she was going for...– DN


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but they do nothing for me. They all remind me of something I would buy at Target or Pier One with some glass vase.

Anonymous said...

(Apparently, Abts has said she starts each painting with no plan and the end result signifies nothing.Maybe that's why Charles Thomson, co-founder of the Stuckist Movement-a group formed to protest against the Turner- says Abts's work "deserves a prize for vacuous drabness".
"It looks like doodles done by a lobotomised computer".)


Well yeah...but she wan!

danielnorth.com said...

Charles "stuckism" Thomson took offence to one of my posts last spring, but as much as I don't connect to Abt's work, I have more trouble taking seriously the "majority" (not all, mind you) of artists that claim to be stuckists. - DN

Anonymous said...

I've discovered stuckism via your last spring post and I don't adhere with their "philosophy".
I had a closer look to Abts's work and found a picture of an exhibition of all her small paintings. All together on a white wall, seems pretty zen to me.

danielnorth.com said...

I found the same "exhibit" pic and had a similiar impression. I believe it is probably a contextual thing - I may really enjoy the work if I saw a uniform showing of 10-20 pieces by themself. Then again, maybe not. - DN

Anonymous said...

I really would like to see some of your scrolls hanged (please, excuse my english, would like so much to be fluent to express exactly my thoughts-hope you have a laugh sometimes-)...so,hum... hanged...hooked (?) on a beautiful, profound white gessoed wall. As I told you in a previous post,how much I "love" your "Lyrical Paintings" . Do you have any of them that I shall be able to see in MT next year?