Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Work

The above five paintings were completed the last week of November. They were a continued study of form, composition and alternative approaches to minimalism; while building ideas for the next week's body of work:

I completed these last six paintings the first week of December. I utilized a combination of alternative minimalism and layering of multiple mediums to produce narratives of illusionary simplicity. The house/home motif as been invading my work on a more frequent nature, lately. Can one experience abandonment if there is still an available home. In our modern world do the far reaches of the psyche overwhelm the distant outpost of the American west? - DN


Nicholas Wineman said...

You know I like these, so I don't need to post much. your second one I enjoyed because I felt it used pieces of you MT works with NM to make a feel like that was on your mind (not because it was MT but more becuase it give it even more depth). the one under it reminds me of driving through Arizona farms at night (only there were more palm trees). I love the color of the seventh, but the tenth REALLY spoke to me. While it may not have been what you were trying to say it reminded me of the rows of identical houses found back in Yuma.

Keep it comming

Nick Wineman

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I love Glacier National Parking. It's amazing!! So balanced. The colors are awesome.

Anonymous said...


Vin. said...

Excellent work.