Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New Works from the Saint Francois Mountains

“The Teacher's Map Home”, Sumi & Acrylic Inks & Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 10”x 14”, $300

“The Teacher's Map Home, No. 2”, Sumi & Acrylic Inks & Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 12”x 14”, $300

These maps were inspired by the muddy and wooded banks of waters that caress the Saint Francois Mountains near Sam A. Baker State Park. Samuel Aaron Baker was born in the the mountains of the park that bares his name. He was a teacher in the late 1800's and early 1900's that eventually became Governor of Missouri. I have often stood in wonder of the number of early American leaders that started as educators. As an on-again-off-again teacher, myself, I understand the draw of the classroom. I believe that many of these politicians undoubtedly felt nostalgic for the integrity of teaching and a guilty sense of abandon for the students left behind. After visiting the park, I became particularly intrigued by the fact that every biographical blurb I could find for Samuel Baker started with the phrase "American Teacher". - DN

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