Monday, July 09, 2007

Don't Trust UPS with Your Personal Information

Although I am still a strong proponent of DHL as my primary shipping carrier… I have found myself bewildered the past few months as their company struggles to update my account address information from New Mexico to Missouri. I have literally called and formally updated my contact/shipping information no less than eight times since March. Last week, as I shipped out a 90lb crate for the Georgia gallery show, I learned that the information was still incorrect… seemingly untouched by my previous attempts to update.

In my anger I did something, I never expected… I opened a UPS shipping account. Today, I learned the true cost of those actions. It is currently 10:02 am, while I write this and I have already received four telemarketer calls from UPS since 8:00am. After the fourth hang-up, I visited a fine little site titled “” to find out if this was common practice for UPS account holders… seems it is. Click the link to read comments posted by other disgruntled UPS account holders.

It will have to be a huge emergency for me to utilize the services of UPS in the foreseeable future. Oh yeah… and the differences in the cost of shipping my 90lb wood crate measured 50”x41”x12”

UPS estimated delivery 5-8 days: $140
DHL delivered in three days, including the mid-week holiday: $82

Now if only they’d quit mailing my bill all the way to New Mexico… - DN

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Leslie Pearson said...

Dispute the Charges

If you choose to go with on-line billing using DHL, you will have the option of disputing charges. If I am ever charged more than what I am quoted or if I see anything wrong with the price or shipment, I simply "dispute the charges" and the charges are dropped. It's weird but it seems that if the bill is under a certain amount they don't even bother looking into it, they just drop it. Good info to know since they give everyone they deal with a nut roll.