Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rory Stewart, a new breed of Travel Writer

I recently finished a fantastic “travel” book by historian Rory Stewart. The Places In Between, first came to my attention last winter in a “best of the year” retrospective by the New York Times Book Review magazine. I pulled the following off the back of the book jacket:

“Someone in Kabul told me that a crazy Scotsman had walked from Herat to Kabul right after the fall of the Taliban… I thought the story was an urban legend. I was wrong. The crazy Scotsman was called Rory Stewart, and the book he has written about his travels is wise, funny and marvelously humane.” – Michael Ignatieff

After finishing the book, I was desperate to read something more by Mr. Stewart. Click here to read the story I found; you won’t be disappointed. – DN

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