Tuesday, May 29, 2007

En Plein Air

My young son, Dylan Thomas, gives a bit of reference to the size of the canvas that is to become the "Elephant Rocks" painting.

Here, you can see that I utilize the heavy southern heat to speed-up drying times on my work. I may be one of the few abstract trompe-l'œil realists that paint "en plein air"... then again, I'm not sure there are that many abstract trompe-l'œil realists to begin with.....

More pictures to come tomorrow. I have produced roughly a dozen and a half paintings since moving from Santa Fe to southern Missouri; all of the works have been created outdoors. I've eliminated the paper stage of the painting (I primarily used it to speed-up drying time) and am once again working directly on canvas. The en plein air technique allows this elimination without sacrificing any of my printmaking/painting infusion processes. Although I am stretching the pictures of the process over a couple days, I started and finished this entire painting in a single day - a rather common occurrence in my action painting method. – DN

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