Tuesday, March 27, 2007

IANDI reply...

Thank you for your interest in the IANDI Art Movement. I understand your frustration with our movement appearing to be vague. The overview statement with the guiding principles is vague, but that is because it’s a summary not a detailed manifesto. Where you will find the real philosophy and direction of our movement is in the topics, like this one, on our discussion board. In these topics we respond to questions about certain aspects of our movement such as style, the place of a manifesto and co-existing with the invisible audience.

We are currently working to make a cohesive manifesto based on the many discussions we’ve had with our members and other artists. Unfortunately for you, we have not been very concerned with the ability of the artist or critic to fully understand our movement. We are not trying to force our philosophy on other artists and we are not necessarily looking for new members. IANDI is a movement built on close communication between it’s few members for the purpose of inspiring each other to do art. It is a movement for it’s members, not everyone.

To answer another one of your questions, we are an “anything goes” philosophy. We believe in supporting each other to pursue any medium of art we’d like. We don’t go into it blindly, we are all trained artists and art historians that understand the importance of learning how to use a medium. The point of trying a new medium is not to tell people you can use all sorts of mediums, like a “genius”. We promote using different mediums because not all ideas can be expressed through a single medium, the problem is that most artists fear trying new mediums because they might loose their audience. IANDI provides an environment for it’s members to have the support to try new things and truly believe that all mediums are equally important.

Our movement is better explained face to face, because it’s about the group sharing ideas. I’m sorry I cannot cut and paste the perfect answers to your questions, but please feel free to read through our old topics. I really appreciate that you took the time to open up a discussion with us, and I hope to hear more from you in the future. I’m sorry that you’ve had such bad experiences with contemporary art movements, but maybe they are trying to achieve too much. IANDI is a very small group that loves art and works everyday to help each other push their art in new directions. Not compromising ones creativity for the sake of pleasing the invisible audience is key. I hope I addressed some of your questions, if not please let me know. – E.K. Wimmer


Nicholas Wineman said...

I'm sure you have already done this North, but I checked out their site (mostly just Wimmer) and I'm not going to lie, I've seen much better. I feel minimal feeling when seeing his art (the only two things I didn't check were audio and video) and the photography felt extremely cliche'd. In my true opinion, it sounds like a great philosophy, but you can paint circles aroudn these guys any day (and probably do better photos, drawings, etc)

danielnorth.com said...

Well, I'm not looking to flame anybody. My purpose of the blog mention was to see other people "needing" a movement.

I'd have to see more work to get a good representational idea. I think the biggest issue you and even I had with their gallery was that it was all over the place stylistically, theme, media, etc. I realize that is part of the purpose of the movement, but I found it distracting. I'm sure they would have all burned-out long ago if the actual technical skills were as poor as the online portfolio seemed to present. Gotta keep in mind four people sharing a portfolio space and the idea of limiting web capabilities.- DN