Friday, March 30, 2007

Face of farming

Thousands of Chinese students have taken part in a giant piece of performance art to pay tribute to the country's farmers.

Some 3,000 Chinese students paid tribute to farmers in a giant piece of performance art /Lu Feng

The university students chanted: "I am the son of mother earth," as they stood in a field of 96 faces they had dug out of the soil.

It took a day for the students from the college of Fashion and Arts, Zhongyuan University of Technology, to make the 96 faces in a field on their campus.

The work was named 'Lao Wan' (Old Ten Thousand) by its creator, Professor Wang Gang.

Prof Wang says he wants society to be more concerned about farmers, reports Zhengzhou Evening News.

"Lao Wan represents hundreds of thousands of diligent Chinese farmers. They work this land all day long and from generation to generation. They are rooted in the soil," he said.

Ananova News Ltd. 3/30/07

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