Sunday, January 28, 2007

Time and Place... Time in Place... Time is Place

Mark Mahan, 74, a retired college textbook sales manager from Columbus, Ohio: “I was in the military for four years, in Germany, France and Belgium and the Netherlands. My wife and I have been to China, to Italy a couple times, to Greece. I have never been to Yellowstone. My wife says, ‘We travel to all these places around the world, and there’s so much beauty here in the United States.’ I was sitting in the front row, and the geyser made three or four phony starts and then it really blew off. We got snowed in that night. There was only one exit out of the park and you couldn’t travel on it. But you could travel inside the park. That gave us an extra day, so we went back to see this thing about three more times.” – New York Times 1/28/2007

TIME is money, they say. And if you ask the puckish artist Vik Muniz why that is, exactly, he will explain in his own simple terms: each is meant to be spent — not saved.

“I like spending money,” he said last week at the modern Brooklyn house and studio where he lives with his wife and young daughter. “I don’t like money in the bank. I like moments.”- New York Times 1/28/2007

Who are we if we love the whole world, but don’t take the time to experience our own backyard? – DN

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