Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nothing left to say... hardly.

"Alice Munro has this year done a remarkable thing: still in full command of her powers, she announced that she has finished writing because at 75, she has used up all her material and has nothing left to say." Toronto Star 12/31/06

Is this possible? I’m not an Alice Munroe fan in the first place, so it takes my complete control to not say…. Well… I guess she was just in it for the money, rather than the art… oops, guess it slipped out. Seriously, though, is it possible for an artist to be complete? Tomorrow, I’ll turn 32 and I have trouble believing I’ll ever be “done” with making art. Does Alice Munroe believe the world is now perfect? Or after seventy-five years of witnessing the plight and degradation of what one human can inflict upon another… is she simply resigned to let it be? – DN

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Anonymous said...

I guess, I should just say... YUP!
Maybe she is just saving us the from the misery of having more to read that is no longer worth her and our while?