Monday, January 08, 2007

More of the same

We continue to be in the same snowy mess down south. We finally dug-out enough from our four feet of snow to leave the house after 9 days. Then last night, high winds blew snow drifts (nothing has ever melted) back across our county dirt road and our uphill drive. I have three foot snow drifts where I had already cleared the drive and the actual road is completely unmanageable. So now we’re stuck again, at least for the day, while I re-dig-out from the snow. I have only had mail delivery once since December 23rd and no trash pick-up since December 18th. The state is a mess due to continuous harsh weather and our fair governor is in Darfur negotiating peace deals.

I’m currently waiting for my studio to warm-up, it’s about 20 degrees outside, so I suspect a three hour wait till I can commence painting. The studio is well insulated, but I just use a ceramic heater for warmth… - DN

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