Thursday, June 01, 2006


The blog has actually passed my portfolio website in monthly hits as it is now nearing a couple thousand visits on average for the last few months; that said – I need to update my portfolio website as well. I have a handful of new figurative scrolls nearing completion, including a couple of pieces inspired by Gustave Klimt’s “Women Friends” painting.

Above is a sketch for one of the aforementioned paintings. This is a rare view into my ever-important “process”… now everyone say it together ..ooooohhhhhhhhhh ...aaaahhhhhhhhhhh.....

I tend to forget that this blog is no longer just for my own musings. After yesterday’s long overdue post, I received a lovely and supportive e-mail from Pam Tyler of Adelaide, South Australia.

Although I receive few actual posted comments from readers of the blog, I often am on the receiving end of some fantastic personal e-mail messages from readers all over the globe. Since I too am the type of person to typically send personal e-mails, rather than simply posting to a site – I feel I have an even stronger bond with my readership. After I passed 100 posts, I had started to wonder why I was still writing as well as questioning a few other ways I pass my time; thanks again, Pam, for reminding me. Sometimes every little bit helps rein-in the old neurosis. - DN

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