Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not famous or Pure Art as a correlation of Pure Math and a counter-balance to Applied Mathematics and its relation to Representational Art

Pure Art is unique in the fact that it is creation without purpose.  Profit is a secondary purpose/by-product.  Contemporary aesthetic design (e.x. Apple products) falls under the profit spectrum.  Initially, art is created for the sake of art.

  • DaVinci created paintings such as the Mona Lisa for commission/income; but he placed the subjects into radical settings of his own design
  • Manet and the early pre-impressionists (such as Corbet and Goya) created sellable masterful works to illicit response rather than just fulfill a market need
  • Van Gogh as an artist represents the epitome of art for art’s sake.  He created a world of his own making... that no one was interested paying for; yet he continued to paint as if it were as important as food and air

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