Friday, December 14, 2007

Watts' Words

“To be human is precisely to have that extra circuit of consciousness which enables us to know that we know, and thus to take an attitude towards all that we experience. The mistake that we have made – and this, if anything, is the fall of man – is to suppose that that extra circuit, that ability to take an attitude toward the rest of life as a whole, is the same as actually standing aside and separate from what we see.” – Alan Watts

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Anonymous said...

Yes, your parents have lived in
4 homes in the same town over a
30 year period. BUT, One house was
purchased to build upon until," The House," was built from the foundation up by your dad. That house was home for 19 years, until the F-4 Tornado
and the insurance company destroyed it. Nature and man can change a man's destiny. This is why God is the only constant that let's us go forward.