Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rebel Artists of the Postwar Era

I ran across a great article by Carolyn Kinder Carr, Deputy Director of National Portrait Gallery. In her curator's statement for an exhibition titled: "Rebel Painters of the 1950s", she recreates a fantastic portrayal of the birth of a new art movement in New York City after World War II.

Click here to read the full paper. - DN


Anonymous said...

That is what you need North! A really really long or big war to reflect your painting to. Post WWII got this stuff, Dadism was WWI. Pychedlic (Sp. sorry) for Vietnam, What about Iraq? Come on give us one! Let's call it North(ern) exposure! said...

I'm sure there is a line somewhere in the Patriot Act barring me from discussing the war in a negative light via artwork. - DN