Sunday, April 08, 2007

Iandi I shall go...

So the past two weeks I have been trying to have an intelligent conversation with the Iandi group I mentioned in an earlier blog post. Unfortunately, they seem to want no part of my questions. They have ignored my legitimate questions and even deleted some complete topic/posts I started. It seems they only want to hear praise. Hey, who doesn’t… this is the most recent topic/post on their “discussion” board:

Over the past few months we have dedicated ourselves to giving well thought out answers to legitimate questions about our art movement. We have been very pleased with the discussions we’ve had with artists however, every so often someone that feels a sense of entitlement comes along and feels free to hand out opinions of our movement as if they know anything about us. I’m not sure what would posses someone to feel it’s acceptable or even mature to insult an entire group of people they’ve never met. The discussion board was created to have positive critiques and ideas about art. It was not created for random hurtful statements to boost the ego’s of angry artists that can’t believe a group of artists can make art for art’s sake. The discussion board was not created for us to respond to underdeveloped criticisms. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything.
Also it would seem hypocritical to despise our art movement, but use it to advertise your own web site.
-EK Wimmer (Iandi)

Daniel you have nothing to offer. We will delete anything that is not an apology.
-Maria Rose (Iandi)

Ironically, I posted one question three times and that seemed to really set them off. All I asked was “What does Iandi mean?

Well, to be honest, I may have also mentioned something disparaging about choosing an Art History degree over a Studio Art degree, while claiming to be an artist… and maybe a word or two questioning the legitimacy of their claims to actual technical prowess as artists. But in my defense, that was only after they refused to answer my repeated question about their name.

This morning, I was formally blocked from logging into their discussion board and finally I received this email…

Well, I received your raging criticism on the discussion board. I feel that I need to address you directly as your insults were of a very personal nature. First, our website is set up to create a discussion about art. Criticism is fine, as long as it is helpful. You obviously have some personal issues that extend beyond our website. Your first contact with us said that you did not mean to be snarky. Unfortunately this is not the case. You have shown your true intention. We are not criticizing your work, your record of shows (yes, I have been to Billings and yes I have a bag of criticism about your work), your training, your skill. Instead I would like to criticize you as a person...

What kind of person wants to impede the professional development of another artist? We are not in competition with you! We have only tried to create a community of mutual support/development. What can possibly be negative about that? Why do you need to vent your aggression? Is it because we didn't answer your question about our name? You have no right to know everything about us. Clearly we were right in guessing what type of person you are.

I know that you are unimpressed with our work, even though you complimented it earlier. You are a very mean-spirited person and I don't really value anything that you have to say. You use the anonymity of the Internet to allow for freedom to show your true colors. You are not a kind person. You are irrelevant. You are small. Hopefully your family has not seen this dirty side of you. Leave us alone if you can't think of anything worth saying.
Maria Rose

Wow, I guess I was just overcome with confusion, I was wrong, the combined genius of Iandi is unmatched… it’s all my fault really, you have to keep in mind that this was the first time I had encountered an art movement based on sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. I suppose Iandi somehow means… happy? – DN


Anonymous said...

Daniel it has been a pleasure speaking with you over the past few weeks. Good luck with your art.

Gaelon said...

I have taken a look at the Iandi site. The art itself? Maybe I am not qualified to comment but I am uninspired.

I am, however, qualified to comment on what each member of this movement posts as "writing". Qualified but unmoved, I cannot think of anything nice to say. In strict adherence to the Iandi principle of avoiding negative criticism, I cannot say anything at all. There is simply nothing nice to say.

I don't understand where negative criticism can be disregarded. If children aren't told what is wrong and unacceptable, how will they learn? If someone who wishes to become an artist or writer but never allows absorption of feedback that doesn't parallel their own thoughts on the work, how can that person expect to improve?

Dan, I understand your primary inquiry into this movement. To claim to be a movement, you need motion, you need purpose, and you need meaning. Why is it they resisted when you asked about these most basic descriptions? You stepped in shit, wipe your feet and move on.

The Iandi “Guiding Principles” seem to be the manifesto of a beaten down, overly self-protective, and urgently reinvented cult. Every line strives to achieve the most attainable level of mediocrity. Iandi, you have arrived. Sit down and get comfortable. You will be there for a while.

Nicholas Wineman said...

Wow. i usually hate internet lingo but lol. I seriously laughed my ass off after reading this. The one thing running through my head right now is the type of critisism they accept. What does Iandi mean got me laughing pretty hard.