Thursday, February 22, 2007

Life is just a long commute.....

Life has been a bit crazy in preparation for my early-March move to the southern Midwest. My blog has been on the back-burner most days, while I finalized situations with galleries/museums, collectors and the family.

In this fast-paced word of instant information and unparalled travel capabilities; I have realized that the “travel artist” is confronted with nothing more than a long commute between the site-specific studio and the exhibition of works. It no longer seems a requirement for the visual artist to live in metropolitan centers to promote and exhibit work. Certainly, the “travel artist” may desire to live in such places for the purpose of artistic community or even urban influence; but it is no longer a necessity for survival.

There is a certain amount of solitary reward that emerges when one is left to ponder the merits of self-reliant resources in an environment not designed around the common acceptance of fine art. – DN

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