Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How Unfortunate for Something Like This to Happen to Such a Talented Individual...(Inject Sarcasm Here)

FBI Investigating Painter Thomas Kinkade "Former gallery owners said that after they had invested tens of thousands of dollars each or more, the company's practices and policies drove them out of business. They alleged they were stuck with unsalable limited-edition prints, forced to open additional stores in saturated markets and undercut by discounters that sold identical artworks at prices they were forbidden to match. Some also have accused Kinkade — touted as the most widely collected living U.S. artist — of scheming to devalue his public company, Media Arts Group Inc., before taking it private two years ago for $32.7 million as Thomas Kinkade Co." Los Angeles Times 08/29/06


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Nicholas Wineman said...

That is hilarious. and yet, the world's most famous bob ross is getting his own book by the guy known for "davinci code" called.....guess what? "the kincade code".