Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Who is bringing in the money? Artist or Gallery

Tracey Emin On Art In London, Art In New York “In London the artists rule, but in New York the galleries do. Gallerists here seem to be almost patriarchal figures, and the art scene is really male-dominated here. In London it’s a lot more open to women. People here don’t seem to expect me to have a sense of humor." New York Magazine 11/28/05

Without the Artist the Gallery would have nothing, but without the gallery - the artists that do sell, would sell for much less money and in theory - less frequently. Typical Gallery commission is between 40 and 60% (in the US). While a good gallery earns every penny, does that give gallery owners the right to be elitist? How often does "the economics" get in the way of galleries taking a chance on more experimental artists?

Is NY or London more accepting of emerging artists? US or Europe? - DN

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