Monday, December 13, 2010

Composition of the World

"Winter Record 13", Enamel on Glass and Ampersand Panel, 5"x5", 2010

My paintings are only abstract if the entire world is viewed abstractly. There is no god. No grand design to life. Houses, rocks and rivers are all just objects; entities that exist on their own compositional game board, like bacteria.

One must understand the lack of presence to appreciate new existence. Current organization of the realist world is based upon a combination of accepted traditions and the rational assumptions made from casual visual observation. I’m not stating that art must be viewed as abstract or realist… I’m asserting that the entire world must be visually reconsidered. No two trees are identical, yet one makes assumptions to what a tree should look like. My call is to drop the assumptions. Look closer. That 3”x3” square of bark, where the trunk and dirt and root exist… encompass a complete composition of the world. - North

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