Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This house that saw less than eight hundred nights now searches for a fresh ten thousand.

Brothers building yard castles from empty crates and boxes. Stacks of cardboard trapping their voices, releasing their ingenuity. The threat of a blistering reality removed. Though, I can still glimpse it – only distantly. Once imminent, now cascading as soap round the drain.

The neighbor’s stereo is never sleeping. He has it wired to pour music through outdoor speakers and illuminate our nights with jovial harmonic gestures that release a soundtrack to a new life. This old life. One that is not revisited or retraced so much as reinvigorated. - North


Ben said...

Well I just gave you some "mad props" on my blog! Well actually I made a link to your blog, the mentioned in a post that I added said link. I don't know if that counts as "mad props," but it counts for something non-the-less.


danielnorth.com said...

Thanks for the add, Ben!