Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lost and Found

Nearly fifteen years ago, my closest friend gave me a small hand-written note-card on what was to ultimately be the last day we would ever see one another. The small rectangle of paper was no more than one and a half by two and a half inches. This is what it said:

In life you will be faced with many options or roads to choose. Just keep these 3 rules in mind while you are deciding – and always be true to yourself – no regrets.

Nietzsche’s system of how to judge if something is good.

1. Can you make it a universal law?

2. Treat everyone as an end, not a mean.

3. Every person must learn and choose his own system of beliefs.

After all these years, I still keep that note-card in my wallet. There has never been a day that I was without that piece of paper. I have a feeling that if I were robbed; the money would not matter nearly as much as losing those words. – DN

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