Monday, June 04, 2007

Lake Jumping in the Ozarks

"Lake Jumping in the Ozarks", Sumi & Acrylic Inks and Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 20"x30"

My parent’s Ozark Mountain cabin rests on the banks of Bull Shoals Lake in southwestern Missouri along the Arkansas border. In the mid-1950’s a series of Dams were constructed along the powerful White River. The man-made lakes created in the dams’ wake (Bull Shoals Lake, Table Rock Lake, Beaver Lake and Lake Taneycomo), immediately developed into a major tourist destination for residents of the Southern and Midwest states. - DN


Anonymous said...

I am getting a history lesson everyday about a place I have lived all my life yet saw little value in. This is a great way for us to see what your adventures translate into visually. said...

You pretty much summarized my reasons for returning... I didn't know enough about that from which I came. - DN