Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Reaching Beyond Traditional Barriers

If real artists are all just enlightened technicians, with different approaches to our “craft”, then shouldn’t the next art movement simply define separations in philosophical approach, regardless of discipline?

Freud was detrimental to the surrealist art movement of the early 20th century, while many of the 19th century Transcendentalists were former theologians. Therefore, if a philosophical approach is agreed upon by “artists” in the visual arts, literature and even philosophy/theology/sociology – doesn’t everyone have something worthwhile to contribute? - DN

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the problem is if I maybe so bold is that all philosophers, artists, writers and etc are stuck in the past. And not creating something of the future today. You look back to late 50's and 60's beatniks for inspiration. yet you do not look toward the future and what it holds. "Drop in and drop out" philosophies of the former are not a great basis for an art movement. I like the fact of trying to combine cultural basis like east-west scrolls, but maybe it needs to say more about human conflict or human hopes and tasks. Instead of what has gone to the past across all cultures. Your previous quote is vivable. Poets and artists are nothing when their is no struggle to fight or no gaunlet to take up. Suffer for your art is really a true statement. Find a struggle that means more than a passing of gas to you to make your heart sing and create that movement you so desire and want.