Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stand for Something or Fall for Everything (...or your work may be the next to get censored)

My last post was specifically directed at prudish behavior in regards to nudity in art. To a certain extent I understand the more conservative view of nude models in art being a source of sinful behavior – what else are non-artists to believe when Hollywood continuously produces films promoting this behavior while claiming to be truthfully based on the lives of actual artists. Did Picasso and Diego Rivera have affairs with multiple women who were actually their life models… more than likely. Did these trysts always occur as unbridled passion during the midst of work sessions as displayed in films such as “Surviving Picasso” and the more recent “Frida”… very doubtful. For one thing these artists constantly drew from life, so for the act of creating nude drawings to be a constant source of sinful influence over the lives of these late great fornicators in history… there would have been little time left for the actual making of art. Ask any artist that has spent a considerable amount of time actually drawing from life and they will tell you the same thing – it is just another still-life that you have to remind to not move.

My friend John Nix made a comment on a previous post referring to the unilateral ignorance of censorship and political correctness. I wholeheartedly agree. It’s not only the Religious Right-wingers that want to “protect” our citizenry under a shield of ignorance. The Leftist Democrats also have their share of hacks that want to assimilate not just this nation, but the entire world into a cauldron of mediocrity. For example, why would we want to lose public recognition of the unique holidays and traditions of our many cultures residing in this nation? If they do not impede upon the civil rights of others and no one is physically or financially harmed then just ignore what you dislike and embrace what you find intriguing(and that does not include getting one’s feelings hurt – I’m not responsible for the fact that someone else is an emotional basket-case… I have my own basket to carry). If we sanitize everything, what reason do we have to travel and experience new cultures and unique perspectives on life?

Even the ever-popular website “Tongue Tied” has fallen into the trap of taking sides politically. While the site’s author may present some wonderful examples of ridiculousness, his endless “reader comment posts” display a Republican-bent conservatism that undermines the site’s very mission of exposing insane examples of “political correctness” run amuck. His commenting readers seem perfectly disgusted with political correctness as long as it does not disrupt their support for the war, the Patriot Act, their own homophobia or Jesus. We need to take a stand against all censorship or crawl back into the primordial muck (which is most likely a politically incorrect comment, in itself, for inferring the belief of evolution). - DN

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