Friday, March 10, 2006

Edward Abbey

I've been on a bit of an Edward Abbey kick, lately. I'm sure it has something to do with my new home, this desert where Abbey worshiped a god of his own making - life.

"Beneath each stone I find more stone; under the skirts of beauty I find only her delicious thighs; peeling an onion to the core I end up with nothing but the perfect complement to my hot skillet of fried eggs, diced chiles and hashbrown turnips. Appearance is reality, I say, and more than most of us deserve. You whine and whimper after immortality beyond space-and-time? Come home, for God's sake, and enjoy this gracious Earth of ours while you can. You tell me that that pretty girl yonder, lifting her dress to wade into the stream of love, is really nothing but a transient vortex of organic energy? You can sit here and tell me that? Okay, you contemplate the underlying relationships; I'll take the girl." - Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

God, I love diced chiles. - DN

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