Thursday, November 08, 2007

Any takers for reasonably priced work with the possibility of increasing your investment over time?

What Happened At Sotheby's? Van Gogh wasn't the only artist getting no love from bidders at yesterday's Sotheby's auction. 20 of 76 lots failed to sell, including works by Picasso and Miró. Some think the tumbling stock market may have made buyers cautious, but a Christie's auction did better under the same conditions. The New York Times 11/08/07

No Takers For $35m Van Gogh "A Vincent Van Gogh painting has failed to sell at an art auction in New York. Sotheby's was hoping The Wheat Fields would fetch up to $35m, but it failed to reach its undisclosed reserve or attract a bid over $25m." The painting is believed to be Van Gogh's last completed work. BBC 11/08/07

Well, I’m certainly glad that urge to buy ancient art is over, I was afraid that the bulk of my collectors would spend all their winter money on these old pieces of canvas, and not have enough left-over to buy some of MY newer paintings. – DN

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